• Putzmeister Hydraulic Piston Rod

    Applications - enerpac.com

    Custom GT4 Hydraulic Tensioner, ZUTP1500E (1) Custom Cylinders, Custom Power Units (1) EVO Synchronous Lifting System, CLP-Series Hydraulic Pancake Locknut Cylinders (1)

  • compact cylinder AL30-03-A smc pneumatic valves

    Control Cable Manufacturers - Wire Rope Suppliers

    In addition to the aforementioned specifications, the specific type of control cable in use should be considered. Pull-pull and push-pull cables are the most popular choices in the precision transmission of mechanical motion.

  • Bore Size 75mm Small Mini Hydraulic Cylinder

    Post Tensioning Pumps - Prestress Supply

    The hydraulic flow is controlled by an easy to use 3-way valve (pull, neutral and return). The unit also comes standard with a remote “pull” control with 10 foot cable. The load indication is provided by an easy to read 4” direct-reading gauge.

  • easy operation cylinder

    Utility Pulling Lines & Cable Grips | Plasma | Spectra

    Utility Pulling Lines & Cable Grips. ... Plasma® 12 Strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Plasma® 12 Strand is manufactured from high performance Honeywell Spectra 900® Fiber that has been enhanced by Cortland's patented recrystallization process. ... Plasma ® Synthetic Rope offers all of the advantages of steel wire ...

  • DC12V 24V tipper trailer Power Unit

    Tension Cable | Products & Suppliers | Engineering360

    Find Tension Cable related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Tension Cable information. ... Incorporating an oil shear clutch, the Continuous Tension Winch provides continuous line pulling tension for construction and web handling ... than compression they can pull more than they can push ...

  • solenoid valve coil SY7120-5GD stainless steel cylinder

    Tow with Rope - Atlantic Braids Ltd.

    You are here: Home / Tow with Rope. ... the rope can wind back on itself and dig back into itself however it will cause no damage to the rope and is easier to pull out vs. steel cable. Floats on water – For those that do a lot of water recoveries, ... Atlantic Braids ltd. and ...

  • center hole hydraulic jack

    Stranded Wire Cable and Rope - Continental Cable

    We are qualified to manufacture wire rope & cable under the detailed specification MIL-DTL-83420 for all of the products listed. Galvanized and stainless steel aircraft cable manufactured to military and federal specifications. Also bright and galvanized wire ropes to commercial and federal standards.

  • pneumatic actuator AFD40-04-A small compressed air cylinder

    Hogg Davis » ODP 30-4 Drum Puller

    PRESTRESSING STEEL TENDONS Mono-Strand = One single strand per tendon. ... Strand: High-strength steel wire. 6-wires twist around 7th central “king ... and details for post-tensioned concrete …

  • AC380V lift table Power Unit

    Condux International

    Tensioning, Winding and Unwinding General ... upon the industry, the process is also called coiling or spooling. Examples are a roll of paper toweling and a coil of steel provid-ing material in a stamping operation. ... In both processes it is important to maintain a constant tension or pull on the material. Im-proper tensioning during winding ...

  • WORKING PRESSURE 35 Mpa Double Acting 50 ton hydraulic cylinder

    New Products | Burndy

    ODP 30-4 Drum Puller The ODP 30-4 is a four drum puller capable of line pull of 3,000 lbs on a single drum. Each drum can be engaged or disengaged for single or multiple drum pulling.

  • hydraulic cylinders for dump trucks

    PC Wire Button Heading Machine - pt-concrete.com

    The Condux APS75 Hydraulic Underground Cable Puller provides up to 7,500 lbs of continuous pulling power to tackle some of the toughest pulling applications. Gulfstream™ 400 A walk through video of how to setup a Gulfstream™ 400 Fiber Optic Cable Blower.

  • original pneumatic fix code ic smc5326p-3 rf remote control factory new

    Chinese Fingers | Chinese Finger Grips | cable grips

    • Drain wire shielded • General Cable UniShield ... cable insulation. The semi-conductive strand shielding eliminates this potential by simply “shorting out” the air. Modern cables are generally ... practice to cut off a portion of cable after pulling to assure an undamaged end. A key to good cable preparation is the use of sharp, high ...

  • Spare Parts Liugong Wheel Loader Parts Hydraulic Parts Piston Rod

    Welcome - Wire Rope Manufacturer, Continental Cable

    H Hydraulic Hoses I Pulling Bar. Release 02/16 4 Flexfence Tension Unit with Hand Pump ... Only use Enerpac hydraulic oil to fill the reservoir. 1. Remove the vent/fill cap from the reservoir. ... increasing the tension in the strand, until the tension fitting can move freely. 3. Fully loosen each nut.

  • synchronous lifting heavy equipment hydraulic cylinder

    Cable and Fencing Supplies / Ackerman Distributing 800 …

    Lock wire is normally a single strand steel wire installed by twisting to double strand. It is used to secure ... Safety wire attached cable clamps/coupling ring to connector coupling ring if provisions exist. ... Electrical connectors shall not be lockwired to any part of fuel, oil, hydraulic or oxygen systems (lines, tubes, elbows, flanges ...

  • hydraulic cylinder 2tons

    Lovejoy, Inc. : Products : Rubber Suspension : Tensioner

    Compression Cable Pulling Heads. BURNDY® announces the addition of the compression cable pulling head product offering to our HYDENT™ family of compression connectors. ... The product cuts materials from Copper to Guy Strand in ranges of conductor up to .90”. Stainless Steel Cable Ties ... The RWR ergonomic ratcheting cutters are designed ...

  • high quality oil seal small telescopic hydraulic cylinder

    Control Cable Manufacturers Suppliers | IQS Directory

    Button heading machine can be customized according to size of your Steel Wire or Strand Cable. Specification LD Series Of Button Heading Machine Technical Data:

  • cylinder for tipping truck

    Prysmian Group: Electricity - Electronics - Optics

    Chinese Fingers | Chinese Finger Grips Slingco designs and manufacturers a wide selection of cable grip products (also known as cable socks, Chinese fingers, Chinese finger grips, cable stockings, wire mesh grips ) to meet the needs of different application types above ground, underground and underwater, including cables submerged under the sea.

  • self-locking hydraulic jack

    Wire Rope Spooler | Products & Suppliers | Engineering360

    applied loads pull down on the slab in between supports, and walls that ... which a single prestressing steel strand is covered in a plastic sheathing is commonly referred to as a monostrand tendon. ... The hydraulic jacks used to tension the post-tensioning

  • hydraulic cylinder 2tons


    As a leading manufacturer of custom steel cable, wire rope, and wire rope assemblies, we are your one-stop shop for custom wire rope products. Our swaging, stranding, extrusion and machining capabilities make Continental Cable an excellent source for your wire rope assemblies, wire rope and wire rope fittings.

  • thin hydraulic jack

    Find All China Products On Sale from XINTO Auto

    Ackerman Distributing Livestock & Agricultural Equipment (800)-726-9091, (970)-284-5599 La Salle, CO. Pipe and Cable Fencing, & Supplies. Permantent Fencing for Perimeter or Livestock Fencing

  • 100T hydraulic cylinder jack

    Wire ropes for mining, cranes, oil & gas, structures

    Among the many applications for RunRight tensioners, one of the most common is self-adjusting tensioning of roller chain or belt applications. Overtime, a chain or belt will elongate with use, and the RunRight tensioner, installed correctly, will automatically adjust to correct for slacking or sagging to enable longer and smoother system life.

  • high quality oil seal small telescopic hydraulic cylinder

    Wire Rope - Strength - Engineering ToolBox

    Thus, pull-pull control cables are typically used only when transmission forces require tension, while push-pull cables are used with a variety of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Some control cables are used specifically in the area of process automation, which is a field in which software engineering and computer technology are ...

  • 4 stage hydraulic telescopic ram cylinder for 38-60 ton truck

    TS40-PT | Altec Inc

    All Prysmian Group products . Cables & accessories. ... Stainless steel junction box; Multi-strand electrical wire; Round electrical cable; Pull-cable; Harsh environment cable; Outdoor cable; Thermoplastic electrical wire; Gel cable joint; Ethernet optical cable; Category 5e cable; Low-smoke cable;

  • 500 ton hydraulic jack

    Find Wire Rope Spooler related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Wire Rope Spooler information. ... SF Cable Bulk Polarized Speaker Wire Spool brings you amazing quality at a low cost. 50ft 14/2 CCA wire. High strand, rope lay conductors give the cable extra flexibility. Coil pack ...

  • China manufacturer Multi stages hydraulic piston

    #1 online store for chain, wire rope, slings, all rigging gear, fittings, and more! certifed chain slings.

  • CE Approved 20T 32T 50T 100T 200T Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    XINTO Auto & Motorcycle repairing tool & equipment. has All Kinds of 8" Greenhouse tensioner Tiger head tensioner clamp for wire, steel strand wire grip iron cable clamp Pulling Tire Repair Tool,Rubber anti-collision block, anti-collision wharf and warehouse logistics unloading corner, buffer belt, wall,tire repair tool,9X12 14X18 6-110N.m, 4% Open preset torque wrench without head auto truck ...

  • Small MOQ Hydraulic Rams For Trucks/Coal Min

    Manufacturer of wire ropes, industrial cables, rigging cables

  • pneumatic valve HYDB100R-300 solenoid valve 5v dc

    Force and Tension in Rope due to Angle - Reduced load capacity in ropes, cables or lines - due to angle Manila Rope - Strength - Manila 3-strand rope - minimum breaking strength and safe load Nylon Rope - Strength - Nylon 3-strand and 8-strand rope - minimum breaking strength and safe load

  • Lifting System For Dump Truck

    Greenlee’s Battery-powered Pistol Grip Cable Cutters are hand-held tools intended to cut the following: ... • Do not cut cable under tension. • Use the tool for its intended purpose, which is ... or servicing this tool. Failure to wear eye protection could result in serious eye injury from flying debris or hydraulic oil. Skin injection ...

  • compact cylinder AFD20-02-A smc internet

    TS40-PT Puller Tensioner. ... 30 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir with level and temperature gauges; DOT 4 light system, 6 pin wire connector; Adjustable 2.5″ ID pintle eye with safety chains and an emergency break-away switch; Optional Features: Options: Steel overhead pulling drum (44″ diameter, 40″ …

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