• post tenison hdrualic jack

    Hydraulic Stressing Jacks - Hydraulic Pre-Post Tensioning

    6DAH-Series, 30-ton jacks, stress strand up to .6" in diameter. For use with smaller strand, jack grippers of different sizes are available. Eight inch and 12" stroke jack assemblies are in stock for immediate delivery. Systems and Parts The 6DAH-Series jacks can be purchased as single complete units with pump, hoses, and gauge.

  • flange hydraulic jack

    Equipment - DSI USA

    Hydraulic Stressing Jacks. Hydraulic Stressing Jacks Single & multi stressing jack capacity up to 1300 tons is available as per customers details specifications. We can also make as per customer choice such as its stroke, strand size & number of strand

  • compact cylinder AFD20-02-A smc internet

    Monostrand Stressing Jack - pt-concrete.com

    An open throat, twin ram jack for stressing 0.5 (12.7 mm) or 0.6 (15.2 mm) single strand is suitable for stressing at tendon ends or at intermediate tendon anchors. For tendon elongation greater than the stroke of the jack, the wedges are temporarily seated after partial stressing and the jack is recycled.

  • jack lift

    Stressing Jack - Post Tensioning System

    Model. Nominal Tension Force(KN) Central Hole Diameter(mm) Tensioning Area(mm²) Stroke(mm) Rated oil pressure(Mpa) PC Strand Reserved Length(mm) QYC70

  • Drilling Mud Pump Hfbw850

    Stressing Jack | TMG - Post Tensioning System

    TMG Stressing Jack (also known as Multi Strand Jack) is small, compact and highly efficient.Unlike the Mono Jack where a single PC strand is stressed at any one time, Stressing Jack is meant to stress all the strands in the tendon at the same time. The purpose of stressing all strands at the same time is for speed and accuracy.

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    SJ: 20 - 30T Post Tension/Stressing Jack | Power Team

    Jul 25, 2015· Stressing Jack is an essential part of post tensioning work. Working with light and versatile stressing tools enables site operators to increase stressing efficiency and productivity. TMG range of Stressing Jacks are designed and manufactured on such principles. We are capable of producing Stressing Jack with capacity from 50 to 1500 tons.

  • hydraulic jack model

    Hydraulic Jacks - DSI USA - dsiamerica.com

    Order Number Description Cylinder Capacity (tons) Stroke (mm.) Seater Type. Metric Tons at 700 bar. Weight (kg.) SJ2010: Post tension jack with spring seater, 12,7 mm strand.

  • rodless cylinder AW40-06-A smc air regulator

    Stressing Systems - Prestress Supply

    Multistrand Post-Tensioning System Hydraulic Jacks jack type 59 ... (0.5") 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 12 15 19 27 37 Mono 0.6 x HoZ 950 x x x ...

  • Working Pressure 350 Bar small electrical telescopic hydraulic cylinder

    Stress Jack, Stress Jack Suppliers and Manufacturers at

    Stressing Jacks Precision-Hayes International manufactures the 5DA1, 5DA1-AL, and 6DA1 Series jacks from a single piece of hardened steel to exacting specifications. The result is a durable, lightweight, and compact stressing jack. These attributes make the 5DA1, 5DA1-AL, and 6DA1 the jacks of choice for elevated construction projects.

  • hydraulic jack 250 ton

    Hercules Stressing Systems Hercules Single Strand Tensioning Systems have been the prestressers choice for more than thirty years. Both systems operate on a low pressure design using low pressure high volume fluid flow. With the lower pressure, seals, o-rings and hose failure is greatly reduced. Both systems operate mechanically. There are no electronics to short […]

  • small hydraulic jacks

    hydraulic jack hollow Applications and Features 1, YGM-270 mono-strand Jack is a kind of general purpose for prestressing applied for pre-tension and post-tension of various steel strand anchors. 3, The hydraulic prestressing J ack is also easy to hoist, to operate and convenient to maintain, with high contamination tolerance and durability.

  • low MOQ Truck Automatic car hydraulic bottle jack

    end anchorages, CU single strand coupling type, and the DF anchorage used for ring post-tensioning or for intermediate tensioning. Systems are also foreseen for the slab post-tensioning: the 1C15 monostrand unbounded system and the multi-strand bonded PTS …

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