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    Stressing Equipment - Post Tension

    Your Single Source for ALL your Post Tensioning needs : Stressing Equipment Hydraulic Stressing Gear: Unbonded Tendons: Tiger Brand PocketJack™ Models 5A and 6A. Twin Cylinder, Models 5A and 6A (One piece Jack used primarily for US elevated Structures) Tiger Brand PocketJack™ Models 5S ...

  • DC24V Mini Power Unit

    Post-tensioning - Freyssibar

    used for post-tensioning developed by Freyssinet ... with high pressure and a low flow rate to allow a progressive tensioning of the bar. ... CF 110 for Ø 26.5 and 40 mm : CF 110-ADP-26.5/40 B/ Bars fitted with hinge anchorages shall be tensioned exclusively by means of a jack with a hinge.

  • WORKING PRESSURE 35 Mpa Double Acting 50 ton hydraulic cylinder

    China Post Tension Hydraulic Jack for Multi-Strands

    Post Tension Jack, Post Tensioning Jack, Prestressed Jack manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Post Tension Hydraulic Jack for Multi-Strands Tensioning, Post Tension Corrugated Duct Production Line, Post Tension Corrugated Galvanzed Pipe Forming Machine and so on.

  • Original Fixed Mounting Height SMC Pneumatics RSDQA50-30DR-M9BL

    Post Tensioning Pumps - Prestress Supply

    Post Tensioning Pumps We offer the Enerpac Model ZU-4 Series Pump Unit. This pump is a compact workhorse featuring a 1.7 h.p., 10,000 psi pump capable of stressing up to .600” size strand.

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    Post Tensioning & Bridge Applications - Halfen-Moment

    Working for client accross Malaysia, Singapore, India & more, we supplies a cutting-edge post-tensioning system & accessories combining performance and durability.

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    Post-Tensioning- Methods for Reinforcing Concrete - The

    Post-tensioned concrete means that the concrete is poured and then the tension is applied-but it is still stressed before the loads are applied so it is still prestressed. For an excellent overview of PT, visit the Post-Tensioning Institute .

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    Hydraulic Stressing Jacks - Hydraulic Multi Stressing Jack

    Hydraulic Stressing Jacks With Hydraulic Locking Ask For Price We are manufacturer for all types of hydraulic Multi stressing Pre stressing -post tensioning jacks capacity up to 1300 tons

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    Post-Tension Basics- How Post-Tensioned Slabs Are Built

    Decorative Post-Tensioned Concrete. Since PT is simply reinforcement, there really aren't any specific decorative applications related to post tensioning. The advantages of PT as noted in the opening page are the lack of cracking (or at least very narrow cracks) and the ability to span farther. ... Suncoast Post-Tension. There are two groups ...

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    Enerpac 20 Ton Mono-Strand Tensioning PTJ5S - Jack-X …

    20 Ton Mono-Strand Tensioning Features: Durable, field-proven designs, with "soft-grip" ergonomic handles reduce operator fatigue Single-acting PTJ models, with spring-seating and optional power-seating are equipped with the new Enerpac RC Post- tensioning cylinders with a 10" stroke, ideal for slab-on-grade applications

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    Hydraulic Tensioning Jacks - Precision-Hayes International

    Home / Products / Prestressed Concrete Products / Hydraulic Tensioning Jacks. Hydraulic Tensioning Jacks. ... these heavy duty jacks are available in a range of capacities and configurations. Mono-Strand Post Tensioning Jacks • Twin Ram • Hollow Tool DA, & DAH . Products Prestressed Concrete Products

  • hydraulic cylinder jack

    Post-Tensioning - cteg.com

    Prestressed concrete and post-tensioning technology explained and illustrated. Post - Tensioning A BRIEF OVERVIEW Prestressing is a technology by which beneficial loads are applied to structural members, mostly made of concrete. To a lesser degree, prestressing is also applied to steel, masonry and wood members. ... • Jack chair designs for ...

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    VSL | Bars | post-tensioning bar systems

    In post- tensioned con-struction, especially unbonded applications where short-er tendon lengths are prevalent, this is the dreaded “field ... Although the stressing jack is applying a consistent jacking force (under full tensioning load, 33 kips for 270 ... 2 PTI Frequently Asked Questions Issue No. 6 P j Stress End Fixed End L Average ...

  • long cylinder

    Post Tension Strand - Prestress Supply

    Bars & post-tensioning bar systems. VSL bar systems provides great versatility in geotechnical and construction applications as they cover a full range from hot-rolled bars with grades of 500MPa and 670MPa through to high-tensile alloy steel stressbars up to 1,050MPa.

  • flange hydraulic jack

    China Prestressed Anchorage manufacturer, Post Tensioning

    The post-tensioning strand is greased and coated for maximum debonding between the cable and the sheathing. The strand meets ASTM A416 and is available in both domestic and foreign manufactures. Strand sizes include 3/8″, 7/16″ and 1/2″.

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    PT Products - Post Tension

    China Prestressed Anchorage supplier, Post Tensioning Jack, Monostrand Anchorage Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Henan Prestressing Equipment Co., Limited

  • tipper trailer Power Unit

    Hydraulic Jacks

    Hydraulic Jack/Ram and Electric Pump with Gauge. ... and details for post-tensioned concrete installation. ... POST-TENSIONING INSTITUTE Author: Neel …

  • double acting hydraulic cylinder with base seat

    GTI Post-Tensioning Accessories

    Your Single Source for ALL your Post Tensioning needs : Our products are included in the following categories: Anchorages Wedges PocketFormers Chairs Stressing Equipment ... which includes a wide variety of high quality styles and designs at affordable prices. If you're not already familiar with the Tiger Industries Business name and our ...

  • pneumatic cylinder actuator CHKDB40R-75 smc distributors

    Applications - enerpac.com

    The jack bears against one of the anchors that is embedded in the concrete and pulls the steel to a predetermined force. As the tensioning is occurring, the steel is being ... Post-tensioning elevated concrete beams and slabs can result in thinner concrete sections and/or longer spans between supports. Designers commonly take advantage of this ...

  • double acting jack

    Multistrand Post-Tensioning System - DSI Canada

    How a post tension/stress jack works in this process is by first placing your jack bearing up against the concretes anchor and pulls the steel to you to the required desired forced that is required.

  • Telescopic 5-stage hydraulic cylinder

    Detensioning Unbonded Post-Tension Tendons - Amsysco …

    gti post-tensioning accessoires Detail Sheets providing information on Primary Uses, Sizes, and Features can be accessed for each of the following GTI Post-Tensioning Accessories by clicking below:

  • hydraulic power unit for cylinders

    Hydraulic Strand Jacks | Strand Jack Systems | Enerpac

    Custom GT4 Hydraulic Tensioner, ZUTP1500E (1) Custom Cylinders, Custom Power Units (1) EVO Synchronous Lifting System, CLP-Series Hydraulic Pancake Locknut Cylinders (1)

  • hydraulic trailer jack

    Prestressed Equipment and Tools - Henan Yugong …

    Multistrand Post-Tensioning System Hydraulic Jacks jack type 59 ... (0.5") 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 12 15 19 27 37 Mono 0.6 x HoZ 950 x x x ...

  • Hydraulic Dump Trailer Parts

    SF Marina Systems

    Detensioning Unbonded Post-Tension Tendons. Posted on July 28, 2011 by Neel Khosa. On rare occasions, the ironworker/installer will need to detension an already-stressed post tensioning tendon. The reason may be due to a repair procedure or re-stressing due to out-of-range elongation readings. ... The jack should be opened at least 4 inches so ...

  • hydraulic jack

    Post Tensioning - Unbonded Anchorages Manufacturer …

    The strand jack lifting technique originates from the concrete post tensioning principle. A strand jack can be considered a linear winch. In a strand jack, a bundle of steel cables or strands are guided through a hydraulic cylinder; above and below the cylinder are …

  • hyva type hydraulic trailer jack manufacturer

    Prestressed concrete - Wikipedia

    China Prestressed Equipment and Tools catalog of Cheap Post Tensioned Anchorage for Sale, Construction Use 12.7mm Round Anchorage provided by China manufacturer - …

  • hydraulic jack for strutting beams

    Post Tensioning Systems - Post Tensioning Equipments

    The system combines a 1240 with a 10” freeboard for kayaks and two type 2430 custom sections with a freeboard of 54” for the large vessels.Utilizing a stainless steel post tensioning system, all the units join to form one solid structure.

  • Dump hydraulic telescopic ram for crane

    Jack Rental Services - ThomasNet

    Post Tensioning Jack. Post Tensioning Monostrand Jack; ... Approx Price: Rs 350 / Pair. Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pair. Tell Us What Are You Looking For? Our Products. Post Tensioning Jack. Non Ferrous Metal Tube. Wedges Barrels. Duct Pipe. Post Tensioning ...

  • To Bangladesh hydraulic jack

    Post-tensioned concrete is a variant of prestressed concrete where the tendons are tensioned after the surrounding concrete structure has been cast.: 25. The tendons are not placed in direct contact with the concrete, but are encapsulated within a protective sleeve or duct which is either cast into the concrete structure or placed adjacent to ...

  • Synchronous moving hydraulic jack

    Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Post Tensioning Systems such as Post-Tensioning Equipments, Bonded Post-Tensioning System and Post-Tensioning Materials from Mumbai. ... Approx Price: Rs 35 / Square Feet(s) As a leading name, we have been engrossed in delivering a wide consignment of Post Tensioning Equipments ... This custom of KGN of ...

  • 100T hydraulic cylinder jack

    Jacks used for lifting bridges, buildings, pile tests, under pinning, post tensioning and heavy structures. Call View Supplier Save Shortlist Whiting Corporation - Monee, IL

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