• 700 bar portable hydraulic jack

    Stressing Equipment - Post Tensioning System

    Stressing Jack is the multistrand jack with capacity of 100 to 1,500 tonnes. And Lifting Jack is for heavy lifting purposes. Bond Head and Compression Fitting Machine is the equipment for making fixed anchors (dead anchors) in post tensioning.

  • 700 bar portable hydraulic jack

    Stressing Jack - CPS - post-tension.org

    CPS Stressing Jack is small, compact and highly efficient. Our Stressing Jacks are 35% - 40% lighter than many other makers. These advantages are crucial to many operators as it will lessen the work load on the users. And with its compact size, it can work in smaller confined places and …

  • Front end loader hydraulic cylidner/ram

    Stressing Jack - Post Tensioning System

    TMG Stressing Jack (also known as Multi Strand Jack) is small, compact and highly efficient.Unlike the Mono Jack where a single PC strand is stressed at any one time, Stressing Jack is meant to stress all the strands in the tendon at the same time. The purpose of stressing all strands at the same time is for speed and accuracy.

  • hydraulic jack for construction

    Wire/Cable Tensioning - Specialised Force

    Wire/Cable Tensioning. Alternate terminology: Guying Tools & Equipment, Wire Rope Tensioning, Steel Cable Tensioning.

  • customized different types of tipper hydraulic hoist

    Prestressing Jack Stressing Wire, Prestressing Jack

    Post tension hydraulic Stressing Jack With checking device, it can effectively stop the rotation of jack and stranded wire when they are tensioning.

  • original pneumatic smc factory new

    SJ: 20 - 30T Post Tension/Stressing Jack | Power Team

    power team » products and services » cylinders, jacks and lifting » sj: 20 - 30t post tension/stressing jack. SJ: 20 - 30T Post Tension/Stressing Jack. RETURN TO PREVIOUS PAGE Page 157 - Jacks_SJ2010DA_Post_Tension_Stressing_Jacks ... Post tension jack with power seater, 15,2 mm strand. 30: 254,0: Power: 28,5: 34,5: SJ3010DA: Double-acting ...

  • Engineering Car Lift Hydraulic Cylinder

    VSL | Post-tensioning strand systems | Post tension

    Post-tensioning strand systems. VSL designs, manufactures and installs durable, state-of-the-art post-tensioning systems that comply with international standards and approval guidelines for both new and existing structures.

  • hydraulic cylinder used for engineering machinery

    Post-Tensioning- Methods for Reinforcing Concrete - The

    What is Post-Tensioning. Post tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete. Post-tensioning tendons, which are prestressing steel cables inside plastic ducts or sleeves, are positioned in the forms before the concrete is placed.

  • oil seal ram trailer hoist

    Monostrand Post-Tensioning System - DSI USA

    Electrically insulated post-tensioning MTAID anchorages for electrically insulated post-tensioning meet the demand for total protection of pre-stressing cables from corrosive agents. This protection is total and permanent, since the cable is enveloped completely in a protective sheath from outside agents, starting from the anchoring blocks.

  • Power Unit for deck leveler

    Hydraulic Jacks - DSI USA - dsiamerica.com

    An open throat, twin ram jack for stressing 0.5 (12.7 mm) or 0.6 (15.2 mm) single strand is suitable for stressing at tendon ends or at intermediate tendon anchors. For tendon elongation greater than the stroke of the jack, the wedges are temporarily seated after partial stressing and the jack is recycled.

  • two stroke cylinder for trailer

    Multistrand Post-Tensioning System Hydraulic Jacks jack type 59 ... (0.5") 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 12 15 19 27 37 Mono 0.6 x HoZ 950 x x x ...

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