• large tonnage hydraulic jack

    Qyc270 Prestressed Hydraulic Monostrand Stressing Jack

    Mono Strand Jack, Stressing Jack, Monostrand Jack manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Qyc270 Prestressed Hydraulic Monostrand Stressing Jack, Post Tension Corrugated Duct Production Line, Post Tension Corrugated Galvanzed Pipe Forming Machine and so on.

  • DC12V 24V tipper trailer Power Unit

    China Post Tensioning 25t Mono Strand Stressing Jack

    In post- tensioned con-struction, especially unbonded applications where short-er tendon lengths are prevalent, this is the dreaded “field ... Although the stressing jack is applying a consistent jacking force (under full tensioning load, 33 kips for 270 ... 2 PTI Frequently Asked Questions Issue No. 6 P j Stress End Fixed End L Average ...

  • compact cylinder AL30-03-A smc pneumatic valves

    IHS Stressing Jacks | Stressing & Jacking Equipments in

    China Post Tensioning 25t Mono Strand Stressing Jack, Find details about China Jack, Mono Jack from Post Tensioning 25t Mono Strand Stressing Jack - …

  • China high quality telescopic jacks

    Prestressing Jacks | Mono Strand Pre Stressing Jacks

    stressing jack from capacity 1,100 KN up to 5,000 KN. The strands can also be stressed individually by means of mono jack. ... POST TENSIONING JACKS ... head of the jack. Once the required elongation and load are reached the lock-off device of the jack can be activated to house the wedges in the anchor head uniformly. The tensioning can be ...

  • Hydraulic Dump Trailer Parts

    Stressing Catalogue | Prestressed Concrete | Pump

    McMillan Engineering Group designs and manufactures a complete range of IHS Stressing Equipment to suit your pre-stressing and post tensioning needs. Stressing with Multi Strand Jacks means that all strands in a cable bundle can be stressed simultaneously.

  • pneumatic solenoid valve AF40-O6-A smc cylinder catalog

    Concrete Prestressed Oil Pump For Hydraulic Jack

    Mono Strand and Multi Strand Pre-stressing Jacks. For pre-stressing concrete or prestressing steel or prestressing strand. ... PJM Industrial offer 10T, 25T and 30T Mono Strand Prestressing Jacks or Pre Stressing Jacks. 10 Tonne Mono Strand Pre-stressing Jack. ... PJM Industrial Double Acting Multi Strand Pre-Stressing & Post Tensioning Jacks.

  • Telescopic 5-stage hydraulic cylinder

    Bonded Multistrand Post-Tensioning | STRUCTURAL …

    1 Jack Selection (See Mono-strand Jack Section of this catalog for full product descriptions) Page: Tool Capacity Seater Type Nominal Strand Diameter Range (in) Stroke (in) Stressing Jack Model Number 10 (ton) Ideal for slab-on-ground applications.

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    Post Tensioning Monostrand Stressing Jack and Pump

    P: +61 3 9645 1522 | E: mail@mcmillaneng.com.au | W: www.mcmillaneng.com.au. Overview. Stressing with multi strand jacks means that . all strands in a cable bundle can be stressed

  • To Bangladesh hydraulic jack

    Multi Strand Prestressing Jacks - PJM Industrial

    concrete stressing jack for post(yc 500), find details about hydraulic jack from concrete stressing jack for post forklift, filters, prestressing hydraulic oil pump, prestressing china hydraulic jack and pump forchina hydraulic jack and pump for prestresisng construction, hydraulic jack and pump. 500 tons prestressing jack for post tension.

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    POWERSTRESS Mono Strand Stressing Jacks

    When bonded multistrand post-tensioning systems are used for large structural members, such as beams and transfer girders, design advantages include increased span lengths and load-carrying capacity and reduced deflection.

  • Large steel forged telescopic hydraulic ram

    New York Post-Tension, LLC. - Equipment

    stressing. Many new post-tensioning engineers ... Restraint cracks are often large and noticeable since a post-tensioned slab does not have the excess rebar to minimize and ... load and moment capacity. Increased Cover for Fire Protection Post-tensioning strands have different

  • hollow jack

    Testing the SSL Slab Post Tension Ing System.pdf

    attempt to lift a load weighing more than the capacity of the cylinder. Overloading causes equipment failure ... Instruction Sheet PT and DA Series Mono-strand Stressing Jacks L2944 Rev. B 10/10 Index: ... GENERAL GUIDELINE FOR OPERATION OF POST TENSION STRESSING EQUIPMENT. THE POST TENSIONING INSTITUTE

  • Plunger Type 20 Ton Hydraulic Press Cylinder

    Williams Form Engineering Corp. - Determining the Size of

    China Post Tensioning Monostrand Stressing Jack and Pump, Find details about China Mono Strand Jack, Stressing Jack from Post Tensioning Monostrand Stressing Jack and Pump - Henan Prestressing Equipment Co., Limited

  • solenoid coil VG342-4G-10A pneumatic cylinder actuator

    Structural Strengthening Using External Post-Tensioning

    P JM Industrial Multi Strand Prestressing Jacks. ... PJM Industrial Double Acting Multi Strand Pre-Stressing & Post Tensioning Jacks. ... Hydraulic Power Packs for Multi Strand Jacks come in two models with 5 or 7.5 horse power motors and reservoir capacity of 50 and 80 litres and include 2 manual control valves (stressing and seating), 2 ...

  • air cylinders direct AFM60-10 smc pneumatics

    products - pt-concrete.com

    POWERSTRESS Mono Strand Stressing Jacks - Front Gripping ... Used for prestressing & post tensioning operations; Features. High quality jack with chrome piston, centre tube, bronze ram follower, bronze gland nut inlay and high quality seals; ... Capacity (ton/kn) Stroke: Working Pressure at Capacity …

  • Heavy Duty 10 ton Hydraulic Cylinder price / hydraulikzylinder china

    BBR | What is post-tensioning?

    ommon Post-Tensioning C & onstruction Issues By Bryan Allred, S.E. Figure 2: Slip provided by plastic placed over ... load and moment capacity. Increased Cover for Fire Protection ... be anywhere near the jack during stressing. If the penetrations can not …

  • Torin BigRed 100 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    Prestressed concrete - Wikipedia

    The stressing head applies a temporary stressing force to the tendon and maintains the load until the lock-off load is transferred to the anchor head. The stressing head assembly should be used in all applications to insure uniform strand tension.

  • 200 ton hydraulic jack

    Testing the SSL Slab Post Tension Ing System.pdf. Uploaded by ... The smallest and largest capacity non-stressing anchorages Bulbed type anchors BD 205 and BD 506 and Swaged type anchors SW 205 and SW 506 were also tested. ... The load was then reduced to 50% MBL and the backpressure in the mono-jacks was noted and the load was increased back ...

  • tipper trailer Power Unit

    Determining Proper Anchor Length. Rock & Soil Anchors: ... free-stress length also helps to minimize load loss due to movement at the anchor head during load transfer from the stressing jack. The Post Tensioning Institute recommends that for pre-stressed rock or soil anchors utilizing steel bars, the free-stress length shall be a minimum of 10 ...

  • DC12V pallet truck Power Unit

    Post‐tensioned rock anchors used for retrofitting Canadian dams, 1999 ‐2013 Jim Bruce, P. Eng. GEO‐FOUNDATIONS CONTRACTORS INC.

  • cylinder and hand pump

    The post-tensioning tendons are very large and can run in both the vertical and horizontal ... • Load transfer (at cryogenic temperature) ... The 6,000kN capacity stressing jacks, weighing about 2.5 tonne, were supported by a

  • Telescopic truck cylinder

    Structural Strengthening Using External Post-Tensioning Systems . Authored by: Tarek Alkhrdaji, Ph.D., P.E ... load capacity of various structural elements. ... Stressing of PT cables is usually achieved using hydraulic jacks.

  • hyva type hydraulic trailer jack manufacturer

    STS Systems provides post tensioning systems for civil projects, including ground anchoring systems for tunnelling; post tensioning components for cable stay bridges, incrementally launched bridges, ... •High load capacity •Stressing Jack •Wedge RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS:

  • double acting hydraulic cylinder with base seat

    PRODUCTS . We are a PT manufacturer that supply full complete ranges of Materials and Equipment for Post-tensioning And Pre-stressing Construction.

  • cylinder and hand pump

    hydraulic jack was used in the pre-stressing process. ... kN capacity. The load was applied on the beams using a stroke displacement control system, which divided ... On the other hand, in partially post-tensioned beams large number of cracks with small crack width was …

  • small hydraulic ram

    When the concrete has attained its minimum strength, the strands are anchored in a common anchorage device and stressed with a large, multi-strand jack or mono-strand stressing tool. When the jack reaches the correct load, it releases the tendon.

  • trailer ram of top quality

    Large deflections due to cracking Steel is not engaged until after cracking. ... True for Pre- and Post-Tensioning Pre-Stressing + Applied Load = T CT C Total Stress T C Stress Limits. STRUCTURAL EFFECT OF ... PRESTRESSED CONCRETE Efficient use of materials – concrete maintained in compression, crack control ...

  • pneumatic solenoid valve AF40-O6-A smc cylinder catalog

    Rebar is also typically added under large hold downs or post loads to increase the footing’s flexural and shear capacity. This ... This is the third of four articles on post-tensioned slab on ground design and ... installed on the first stressing end, the jack is removed and placed on the other end of the tendon. The jack is loaded to the ...

  • China manufacturer Multi stages hydraulic piston

    begun by removing the pour-back cover from all post-tensioning anchorages, drilling ... (leaving enough strand length so that a mono-strand jack can be used to grip the strands and remove them later) h) Cut one strand at location b. ... DETENSIONING AN EXTERNAL BRIDGE PRESTRESSING TENDON ...

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